Fall in San Diego

Saturday, November 2, 2019
Fall in San Diego means Simone comes down for a few days. We went to one of my favorite places for Happy Hour - Upper East Bar at the Hotel Solamar. They have a champagne happy hour that is very fun.
Autunno a San Diego significa che Simone viene per un paio di giorni. Siamo andati in uno dei miei posti preferiti per l'aperitivo - Upper East Bar. Fanno un aperitivo con lo champagne.

Andy and I went on a date night to Hidden Fish Sushi. This is an omakase experience. This means that the chef prepares and selects all of the fish you will eat. I have never had sushi or fish this delicious. We tried 18 different fish (one piece of each).
Io e Andy siamo andati a mangiare lo sushi in un posto notevole a San Diego. Qua, non hai un menu', lo chef ha 18 tipi di pesce che te assaggi. Non ho mai mangiato del pesce/sushi cosi' buono!

Beach day!
Giornata al mare!


Joshua Tree

Saturday, September 28, 2019
Andy and I went camping with some friends in Joshua Tree in September. Despite the very hot temperatures during the day, the evenings were lovely and we had a great time.
Io e Andy siamo andati in campeggio con dei amici a Joshua Tree a Settembre. Anche se c'era molto caldo durante il giorno, le serate erano perfette.

The Joshua Tree

Tarantula Spotting

Skull Rock

September Birthdays

Saturday, September 21, 2019
September was full of fun activities. Started off with Matt being in town and coming down for dinner.
Settembre era pieno di cose belle. Il mio amico Matt era a San Diego e ci siamo visti per cena.

I made torta fritta for some friends.
Ho fatto la torta fritta.

Padres game sunset views.
Tramonto da lo stadio dei Padres (baseball).

Date night at Grass Skirt Tiki Bar - so delicious!

Birthday celebration at Trailer Park After Dark
Il mio compleanno in un bar in Downtown

Andy's birthday dinner at home with Ferrari Rose' and carbonara
Il compleanno di Andy a casa con Rose' e carbonara

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