Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Today was another beautiful day. Clouds covered the sky and it got dark a little early, but I love that kind of weather. I was able to walk around Florence today because I wanted to see where a hotel was so I walked around and found the hotel. As I was walking, I noticed that there are certain streets that have tons of hotels. I peeked inside some of them and they all seemed like very nice and convenient hotels. The hotel that I was looking for is right by the train station. I walked in and talked to the front desk person for a few minutes just finding out some information about the hotel. The hotel is located also right by my classes so the location is perfect for when Jeff comes because of its location. Florence is a fairly small city but so many tourists come here every year that its need for hotels is huge. I read somewhere that Florence was the second most visited place in Italy behind Tuscany in 2007. I'm glad I'm here because I had never been to Florence prior to now, but at the same time, Florence is almost too touristy and therefore the city to me seems more American than Italian. But again, this just reiterates the need for hotels in the city.

Oggi era unaltra giornata stupenda. C'erano delle nuvole nel pomeriggio pero' a me piacciono e allora ho goduto la giornata. Sono andata a fare una passegiata oggi perche volevo vedere dov'era un albergho. In tanto che stavo caminando, ho notato tanti alberghi nel centro, ma piu' che mi aspettavo. Firenze e' una citta' abastanza piccola pero' ci vengono tanti turisti ogni anno e allora servono tanti alberghi. Sono contenta di essere qui a Firenze perche non ci sono mai stata prima di adesso, pero' devo dire che non mi piace il fatto che ci sono cosi' tanti turisti perche mi sembra piu' una citta' Americana che non Italiana.
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