Le Violette di Parma

Sunday, March 2, 2008
Ever since I was a little girl, I would always come home from trips to Italy with something to do with the Violetta di Parma which is just that, a little violet that is found especially in Parma. I came home with perfume, soaps, candles, anything really to give to friends but also to keep for myself. Today was such a gorgeous day in Parma (honestly, probably like 80 degrees F) that my aunt and I decided to go and collect violets in Felino which is where relatives live and is just outside of Parma. We went to Felino and started walking up the road towards the castle. On the way, we saw so many violets that we began to pick them. We ended up picking a good 100 or so violets. Now, the thing about them is that there are violets all over but only the ones from Parma (and Felino) smell as good as they should. You can tell if they are going to smell good or not by their color- the darker purple ones have a stronger smell than the lighter ones. We put them in the car after and went and visited some relatives and when we came back, the car smelled like the flowers! The smell is hard to describe but is very sweet and it makes me almost want to eat them! I brought some back with me to Florence and my room is beginning to smell like them, I love it!

Da quando sono piccola, mi ricordo che tornavo sempre dal'Italia con qualcosa da fare con le Violette di Parma. Oggi, che era una giornata calda e stupenda a Parma, sono andata con mia zia a prendere delle violetta a Felino. Abbiamo fatto la strada che porta al Castello di Felino e mentre caminando, abbiamo raccolto delle violette. Le violette di Parma (e quelle di Felino) hanno un profumo cosi' buono che si trovano solo gli. Le viola piu' scure hanno un profumo piu' forte che non le viola piu' chiare. Ne abbiamo raccolto cosi' tante che la macchina, quando siamo arrivate in dietro a Parma, era profumata come la viole. Io mi sono portata a casa (a Firenze) un mucchio e adesso, la mia camera e profumata come le violette di Parma! Mi piace tantissimo!!

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