Sunday, March 16, 2008
Jeff got here the other day and we went to Venice for the weekend. It was amazing! I had been to Venice a few times already so I knew what to expect and knew somewhat how the city was organized, Jeff didn't know what to expect. When we got there, he didn't know where to look! The weather wasn't that great- very overcast and cloudy, both Saturday and Sunday, but we were still able to enjoy ourselves. On Saturday, we walked around and walked to St. Mark's Square and around there. Sunday, we went to the islands Murano and Burano. Burano is probably my favorite island because of all of the different colored houses that they have. The houses are different colors because in the fog, when fishermen came home from work late morning, they couldn't see the numbers on their doors. To make sure that they would get home, they painted their houses these bright vivid colors that you can see even in the fog. I think they're so pretty! Murano is also beautiful because that is where many glass factories are. Unfortunately though, since we went on a Sunday, no one was making glass, but we were still able to see lots of cool jewelry and glass art. We both had a great time in Venice, but realized that we want to go back and go on a gondola ride!

Jeff e' arrivato l'altro giorno e siamo andati a Venezia per il weekend. Ci siamo divertiti molto! Non c'era molto bello perche c'era molto nuvolo, pero non ostante il tempo, ci siamo divertiti. Siamo andati a le isole di Murano e Burano domenica. A me picae molto Burano perche ci sono le case tutte colorate che sono molto belle. Mi piace anche Murano perche ci sono le fattorie del vetro. Sabato siamo rimasti sul isola grande e siamo andati in Piazza San Marco. Quando ci siamo passati domenica, c'era la messa perche era la domenica delle Palme e potevamo sentire il coro che cantava. Ci siamo divertiti molto a Venezia pero abbiamo deciso che ci vogliamo tornare per fare un giro in gondola!

Me and Jeff in St. Mark's Square

Cool glass sculpture in Murano

Me and Jeff in Burano
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