Sunday, April 27, 2008
This past weekend I went to Vipiteno and Innsbruk with my aunts, uncles, and my cousin. Vipiteno is on the northeast side of Italy and is on the border between Italy and Austria. On Friday, we went to Innsbruk which was only a 40 minute drive from Vipiteno. In Innsbruk, we saw the town center and also walked around the city. It was gorgeous despite the rain. One other place that we saw was the Swaroski museum which had a lot of items made out of its famous crystals. Something that I noticed there was that everything was cheaper in Austria than it is here in Florence but despite that, I didn't buy anything. On Saturday we stayed in Vipiteno and walked around there. We also went to Novacella and saw the Abazia di Novacella which is similar to a monastery but they aren't monks. After that, we went to Bresanone where we walked around and ate lunch. I had gnocchi with tomatoes and basil and a slice of rabbit. Despite the name, it was delicious! Bresanone was interesting because all the buildings looked painted/fake because of their strong pastel colors. That night, we had a dinner with 5 different types of pastries such as Sacher (really god chocolate cake), delicious apple Strudel, and millefoglie con crema Bavarese (pastry dough with Bavarian cream). Everything was so good and I realized that I ate so much this weekend but it was all worth it!!

Questo fine settimana sono andata a Vipiteno e a Innsbruk con i miei zii e la mia cugina. Venerdi' siamo andati a Innsbruk dove abbiamo visitato il museo di Swaroski che mi e' piacuto tanto! Abbiamo anche fato una passeggiata dentro il paese che, anche quello, mi e' piacuto tanto. Sabato siamo andati a visitare la Bazia di Novalcella che era molto bella e anche molto grande e poi siamo andati a mangiare a Bresanone. Io ho preso gnocchi col pomodoro e basilico e filetto di coniglio ed era squisitio!! Non avevo mai provato il coniglio ma mi e' piacuto. Sabato sera, abbiamo mangiato tanti dolci come il Sacher e lo Strudel che li fanno molto buoni a Vipiteno. Mi sono divertita tanto e vorrei tornarci presto!


Soccer ball with Swaroski crystals (they're hosting the UEFA cup)

Park in Innsbruk

Old house in Innsbruk


Zia Claudia, Me, Zia Patrizia in Vipiteno

Bazia di Novacella

Gnocchetti al pomodoro e basilico con filetto di coniglio

Me, Zio Gino, Zia Patrizia
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