Utah Golf Course

Wednesday, March 11, 2009
The Utah Golf Course at the University of Utah is no longer. This is a true tragedy for the students, faculty, and staff, as well as the community. The course was a 9-hole course that was great for beginners. It was rarely crowded and it was extremely well-maintained. They offered classes (which I unfortunately never took) and discounts to students. I was a season pass holder to the course for a mere $58 dollars I got unlimited use of the course. This was where Jeff taught me how to play golf. Some of my best shots (and worst) are on this course. Jeff and I spent quite a bit of time on the golf course when I first started learning how to golf. Even this past summer, we spent time on our breaks golfing. Some holes better than others, but we always had fun. I lost quite a few balls (Jeff lost plenty of mine) and I found some interesting ones as well. This summer is just not going to be the same without being able to golf on the U's course. The rumor is, they are tearing it down and building a brain research center. A true bummer. Below are pictures of what is written on the course and just how gorgeous the setting and course were.

Non c'e' piu' il campo di golf all'universita' dello Utah. Io ho imparato a giocare a golf su quel campo li, e adesso non so cosa faro'. Io e Jeff abbiamo tanti ricordi su quel campo perche' e' gli che Jeff mi ha insegnato a giocare a golf. L'estate scorse, abbiamo giocato tanto durante l'ora di pranzo. Mi spiace molto che non ci potro' giocare ancora perche' era veramente un campo stupendo!!!

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