Biking and Red Butte ~ Weekend with Jeff!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009
Jeff was able to fly out to Salt Lake this past weekend for a long weekend here at home. We had so much fun! On Saturday, we ran a few errands since I wanted to update my Mac to Snow Leopard, I needed to buy more RAM for it so we went to the Bookstore. Then we went up to Park City and looked around at the outlets. I bought a biking outfit from Pearl IZumi because Jeff and I wanted to go on a bike ride and because I want to start biking more (even though I don't have a bike, yet). Jeff bought some bike shorts from Pearl IZumi. Then we headed up to his house and got the bikes. I rode his mom's bike, which has a fairly high frame that barely fit me and her shoes were also slightly large on my foot. Then I decided that since I hadn't ridden a bike in ages, we should go to the U in an empty parking lot and practice. Good thing I said that because I basically learned how to ride a bike again. No major injuries, luckily, I did fall while trying to unclip my shoes from the pedals, but nothing more than a scrape. On Sunday, we went on a wonderful ride in City Creek from 11th Ave to the Capitol and back, and then rode all of 11th Ave to Popperton Park and back to the entrance of City Creek. It was really fun! That afternoon, we had lunch at Simply Sushi with Cristina and Chris and then Jeff and I headed back up to Park City to drop off the bikes. On our way back home, I saw the sign for Red Butte Garden's Rose Garden and we decided to stop. It was so pretty! I had never been to Red Butte before but now I definitely will return! The flowers were amazing and it was just a very nice detour. He left on Monday afternoon and it was hard to see him go. I am going to San Francisco at the end of September for a few days to see Jeff, but also because my friend Amy (whom I met in Florence two years ago) will be there as well. I am super excited to go to San Francisco and even more excited that Jeff and I are going to Italy in 6 weeks!

Jeff e venuto a trovarmi a Salt Lake questo ultimo weekend. Ci siamo divertiti molto! Siamo andati a fare un giro in bici che a me mi e' piacuto molto! Non vedo l'ora di andare in bici ancora!! Poi siamo andati a mangiare sushi con due dei miei amici, Cristina e Chris. Dopo di che, siamo tornati su a Park City a portare indietro le bici a casa di Jeff. Nel tornare, io ho visto un cartello per Red Butte Garden e ci siamo andati. Adesso hanno una parte del giardino solo con le rosa. Era stupendo! Sono molto contenta di esserci andata! Jeff e partito lunedi' pomerriggio e non volevo che andava. Adesso, io andro' a San Francisco alla fine di settembre per un paio di giorni e non vedo l'ora! Piu' importante, non vedo l'ora di venire in Italia fra 6 settimane!!!


Fancy New Biking Outfit

Good thing we have a Subaru now!
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