Birthday Weekend in San Francisco

Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Jeff was not able to come out to Salt Lake for my birthday so this past weekend, I went to San Francisco to visit him and to celebrate my birthday. I also went because one of my friends from Florence, Amy, was also going to be there and we were able to meet up and catch up in the morning. I spent Friday morning hanging out with Amy on Fisherman's Wharf where we walked around, went over to Ghirardelli Square and bought chocolate, and then we met up with Jeff for lunch. Jeff only worked a half day so we spent Friday afternoon at Westfield Mall wandering around and looking at all the fun stores they have. It was an absolutely gorgeous day in San Francisco, the sun was out and there was not a cloud to be seen! That night, Jeff and I headed over to the San Francisco Yacht Club across the Golden Gate in Belvedere/Tiburon for dinner with Evy and her boyfriend Mike. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner with wonderful people and then went home and headed to bed. On Saturday, we didn't know what to do. After thinking about things to do, Jeff suggested heading to Napa and going wine tasting. We looked online and found a vineyard, Sterling Vineyards, and set off to Napa. I had never been to Napa, but had always wanted to go and I am glad that we went - Napa is gorgeous!!! We found the vineyard and the drive into the main part was lined with gorgeous trees on each side. We took an aerial tram from the base up the mountain to where the tastings were. There, we tasted five wines - pinot gris, sauvignon blanc, sangiovese, cabernet, and a malvasia bianca. They were all so good!! We ended up buying two bottles of wine (one for my parents) and then we headed back. Jeff had a wonderful idea to go to a grocery store and buy brie, salami, and bread and have a picnic. We went to Sunshine Foods (in Napa), and bought just that, but we also bought some prosciutto. The prosciutto was so delicious, I ate it all!! Our picnic spot was amazing too! We turned on Zinfandel Lane (it seemed appropriate) and headed down. We turned onto a dirt road that led to a vineyard, drove to the end, and parked the car. The spot Jeff chose could not have been more perfect! After that, it was time to head home via the Golden Gate where we stopped and took pictures. Now, the temperature in San Francisco was warm, but in Napa, it was close to 100 degrees F the entire time! We were happy to get back to the nice cooler temperatures of San Francisco. Overall, it was an amazing trip and we had so much fun wine tasting and exploring Napa. From here, Jeff and I leave for Italy on October 12 and we are there for two weeks! Now it's just a matter of counting down the days until Italy!!!!!

Io sono andata a trovare Jeff per il mio compleanno questo weekend passato. Il venerdi', sono andata a girare San Francisco con la mia amica da Firenze, Amy. Siamo andati a Fisherman's Wharf, a Ghirardelli Square, e poi ci siamo incontrati con Jeff a mezzogiorno. Dopo avere mangiato, siamo andati nella mall. Venerdi' sera, io e Jeff siamo andati a mangiare fuori con dei suoi amici. Sabato mattina, non avevamo idea di cosa fare. Dopo un po' di tempo, Jeff ha detto di andare a Napa a vedere le vineyard (dove fanno i vini). Io ne ho trovato una che sembrava bella e siamo partiti. Era una esperienza bellissima!!!! Una giornata favolosa (magari troppo caldo). Poi, siamo andati in un supermercato a prendere qualcosa da mangiare. Ci siamo presi del salame, prosciutto di Parma (buonissimo), del brie, e della focaccia. Siamo andati a fare un picnic alla fine di una strada, molto bella. Dopo che avevamo mangiato tutto, era ora di andare a casa. Ci siamo fermati dal Golden Gate a fare un op' di foto e poi siamo andati a casa. Era un weekend fantastico e ci siamo divertiti molto! Per adesso, io e Jeff veniamo in Italia il 12 di ottobre per due settimane e non edo l'ora di venire!!

My pretty present from Jeff

Fisherman's Wharf
Sterling Vineyards, Napa, CA..........................................................

It was so hot!!

The wine tastings took part on top of this mountainside. Therefore, the view was amazing!

Random house in Napa
Picnic Time!!...........................................................

Bottle of Chardonnay we bought for lunch

Super delicious prosciutto. They even packaged it how you are supposed to!

Golden Gate Bridge..............................................................

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