Thanksgiving and Updates

Monday, November 30, 2009
Thanksgiving was last week and it was great! Jeff came into town and we had Thursday dinner at my house then went to Park City for dinner at his house on Friday. I love doing that because I get two delicious Thanksgiving meals! Usually, I will go shopping on Black Friday, but this year since I worked and then had to go up to Park City, I really did not do a whole lot of shopping. All that means though is that I have to get it done in the next few weeks. I am going to San Francisco on Thursday for the weekend for Jeff's birthday so I could also shop there. Also, huge news, I am moving to San Francisco in January. I will be done with my classes so techincally could graduate in December but I want to do the big ceremony in May so will wait and do that, but other than that I am done in December. Therefore, I made the decision to move because I am ready for a change. Things here in Utah are going great and I really can not complain, however, I want to spend more time with Jeff and want a new adventure. Besides this, nothing exciting going on, not even snow to go ski on. I will post next week after my San Francisco trip!

Thanksgiving era la settimana scorsa e mi sono divertita tanto. Jeff e venuto a casa e abbiamo fatto due cene, una giovedi' sera, e l'altra venerdi' sera. Tutte due erano buonissime! Questa settimana vado a San Francisco per festeggiare il compleanno di Jeff e non vedo l'ora di essere a San Francisco! Questo e perche' io mi sposto a San Francisco a gennaio. L'ho deciso perche' io ho finito con le mie classe che dovevo fare per la scuola e allora ho deciso di spostarmi. Non vedo l'ora di essere a San Francisco ma anche di vedere Jeff piu' spesso! Aggiornero' il blog ancora la prossima settimana quando torno da San Francisco!
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