March 15 - 21, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010
Hello! We had such a busy week I hope I can remember everything that we did! We met up with some of Jeff's family in Palo Alto on St. Patrick's Day to celebrate his Gram's birthday. Dinner was so much fun (and very tasty!) and it was great meeting more of Jeff's family. Friday afternoon, Jeff and I did a few errands (most notably to Bed Bath and Beyond for some fun new gadgets) but more importantly went to Alamo Square. Many people know it because of the "painted ladies" that are always seen on Full House (watch here). The weather was amazing and we had fun walking around the park and walking around the Haight-Ashbury as well.

Gorgeous Day in Union Square

One fun thing I bought from Bed, Bath and Beyond

Another fun gadget

The Ben and Jerry's on the corner of Haight and Ashbury

Alamo Square

The "Painted Ladies"

On Friday evening, we headed over to Belvedere to celebrate Evy's birthday with a "Flapper" birthday party. Jeff and I dressed up (somewhat) and ate an amazing meal in even more amazing company.

At the party

We decided to stay on the boat and then on Saturday we went on a short sail just the two of us. It was a lot of fun but I was really scared for part of it because only Jeff really knows how to sail! Regardless, we had a really great time and I am getting better at sailing and am enjoying it more and more each time we go out.

Sunday was errand day but we sat and drank coffee on the Marina Green while watching a sail race going on.

Then somehow, the day ended and here I am writing about the week! Time really seems to go by so much fast now that I am working because I have to plan everything that I do around when I work. Luckily, I am still able to get everything done and Jeff is a great help with everything! Hope this week goes by just as fast and I have just as much fun! Have a great week!

Questa settimana e' passata molto a la svelta! Eravamo molto impegniati con tante cose che spero di ricordarmi tutto quello che abbiamo fatto. Mercoledi' era il compleanno della nonna di Jeff e siamo andati a mangiare con lei e dei parenti di Jeff. E stata una cena molto buona ed era bello conoscere altri parenti di Jeff. Venerdi' siamo andati fuori a fare dei giri e ci siamo trovati a Alamo Square dove ci sono le case che si chiamano le Donne Dipinte. E un parco bellissimo e poi la giornata era perfetta! Dopo il parco siamo andati a prendere un paio di cose per la casa e poi siamo andati a una festa per una nostra amica. Ci siamo vestiti anni '20 e ci siamo divertiti molto! Sabato io e Jeff (da soli) siamo andati in barca ed era bello. Io mi sono spaventata perche' ancora non mi sento molto sicura sulla barca, pero' verso la fine, mi sono rilassata un po' di piu' allora era bello. Domenica non abbiamo fatto molto perche la domenica e la giornata per fare il bucato e la spesa. A me piace molto andare a fare la spese, e motlo di piu' adesso che c'e' tutta la robe per pasqua. La giornata e' passta a la svelta e adesso mi trovo scrivendo il mio blog abastanza tardi! Le giornate mi passano cosi in fretto adesso che lavoro, pero' mi piace lavorare! Spero che questa settimana passi cosi a la svelta e che mi diverto sempre! Buona settimana!

Watching the fog roll in over the city
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