March 22 - 28, 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010
This was an interesting week. I started working graveyards so that really changed my schedule up. The graveyard shift isn't that bad, it is more just getting used to being awake when everyone else is sleeping.

Greatest purchase ever from Origins

Luckily, it hasn't been too busy at night at the hotel so that has made it a little easier. However, it is nice when we are busy because time goes by so much faster. So far, not that many interesting people, just many people who have had a little too much to drink. It has been fun though because I see a whole new and different aspect of the hotel. The hotel (well lobby at least), is so peaceful in the middle of the night when there is no one around. The hotel dims the lights in the lobby so it is a little darker and it's just a very nice and peaceful place to be. Other than working, nothing too much has been going on. I made banana bread earlier in the week and it turned out very tasty! The only minor detail was that I may have put a few too many bananas so it was a little soggy, but it still tasted heavenly!

I am getting super excited for Easter (love the colors, mostly) so have bought many things to decorate the apartment with, mostly from Crate and Barrel.

The other night, Jeff met me for dinner (I have an hour break) and we went and ate in Union Square. He brought leftover pasta and meatballs. It was so nice sitting outside eating and then I dropped the spaghetti on the ground. Not my finest moment! We were so embarrassed after that we left and walked around.

Leftovers anyone?

Macy's is having their annual flower show and they have all of their windows decorated and it was so pretty!

The weather has been really nice lately so Jeff and I have been enjoying the sun on the weekends and sailing.


Tanker was a little too close for comfort while sailing!

This weekend, Jeff and his dad are doing a sailing race so that should be really fun to go and watch. Have a wonderful week and Happy Easter!

Questa e' stata una settimana diversa. Ho cominciato a lavorare il turno di sera allora mi sono abbituata a stare sveglia tutta notte. Il turno non e' molto dificile, e mi piace essere in albergo quando tutti stanno dormendo. Fortunatamente, non c'e' stato molto che e' successo durante la notte questa settimana e spero che anche la prossima settimana sara' uguale. Non ho fatto molto di altro questa settimana perche' stavo o lavorando o dormendo. Ho messo un po' di cose in casa per pasqua perche' mi piacciono molto i colori di pasqua. Il tempo (fino ad oggi) e' stato molto bello e caldo allora io e Jeff abbiamo passato molto tempo sulla barca. Jeff e suo papa' faranno una gare la prossima settimana allora sara' bello vedere come finiscono! Buona settimana e buona pasqua!

Pretty flowers someone gave us when they came over for dinner
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