April 26 - May 2, 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010
This was a fun and busy week. For starters, the weather was absolutely beautiful! It was rainy for half of the day on Tuesday, but other than that, blue skies and warm weather! Jeff and I definitely enjoyed it and spent as much time as we could outside. On Tuesday, I walked around in the city and found the most darling little store called Limonaia. The store has a lot of odds and ends and they are moving the store from the city to Los Angeles and had a major sale. Needless to say, I was able to purchase some very cute things! I also started yoga this week at a studio near the apartment. I have really been enjoying it and I went 4 times last week so I was very happy. I am really excited to be doing yoga because I am working out while building strength at the same time. The classes are full of young people so I am hoping to meet some new people through taking the class. Saturday, Jeff and I headed to Corte Madera to the malls there. It was so nice to be outside and walking around in the sun. Finally, on Sunday, we ate lunch at Pizzeria Delfina and it was amazing! The pizza was made very similar to the pizza in Italy and also very similar to Settebello in Salt Lake. Now I am just getting ready to head out to Salt Lake to graduate later this week! Have a great week!

Questa e' stata una settimana divertente e impegnativa. Per cominciare, il tempo e' stato assolutamente perfetto! Il cielo blu e l'aria calda. Io e Jeff ci siamo goduti il tempo passando tutto il tempo che potevamo fuori. Martedi', io sono andata in giro per la citta' e ho trovato un negozietto che vende delle cose molto carine. L'unica cose e' che stanno per chiudere il negozio qua e riaprirlo a Los Angeles. Vorra' dire che devro andare a fare piu' shopping in tanto che sono ancora qua! Ho cominciato ad andare a fare yoga questa settimana. Il posto in cui vado a fare lo yoga e molto carino e mi piace molto. Sabato io e Jeff siamo andati a Corte Madera a fare dello shopping nella mall che c'e' li. Finalmente, domenica, siamo andati a mangiare delle pizza in una pizzeria alla italiana. La pizza era buonissima! Spero di tornarci presto a mangiarne un'altra! Buona settimana!!

Roses on my way to Yoga

Pretty roses

Jeff and his tiny coffee in Union Square

Me with the apple juice at the Pizzeria Delfina
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