May 24 - 31, 2010

Monday, May 31, 2010
This was a fun week that went by fast! Simone was in town for the first half of the week and then Jeff had a regatta down to Monterey and was gone the second part of the week. Simone and I had a great time while he was here. He started his trip with exploring SF on his own while I was at work and then me, him, and Jeff went to dinner at the Burger Bar which, as usual, was amazing. On Monday and Tuesday, we explored the town. Went to the Wharf, went shopping (lots and lots!), and people watched on Market Street. The weather wasn't perfect, but we still managed to have a good time. I worked all weekend since Jeff was gone (they finished 4th in their division for the Spinnaker Cup) so I made the best of it and baked White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies and some yummy pasta. With today being a holiday, and Jeff and I both having the day off we headed down to Westfield where Jeff patiently sat through Sex and the City 2 with me (not that bad, but I liked the first better), and we finished the day with a nice dinner at home. Overall a relatively low-stress week which was nice and lots of relaxing which was much needed! Have a great week!!

Questa era una settimana divertente. Simone c'era la prima parte della settimana e Jeff aveva una regatta questo weekend. Io e Simone ci siamo divertiti molto ad andare in giro per la citta' a vedere tutto! Il tempo non era perfetto, pero' ci siamo divertiti lo stesso. Jeff aveva una regatta fino ad Monterey (al sud di San Francisco) e sono andati molto bene! Hanno (lui, suo papa', ed altra gente) finito quarti su quindici allora erano contenti! Oggi, visto che si io che Jeff non dovevamo andare a lavorare, siamo andati a fare un po' di shopping e siamo anche' andati a vedere Sex and the City 2. Mi e' piaciuto pero', il primo mi piace di piu'. Era una settimana molto rilassante ma divertente! Buona settimana!

Coit Tower

Tourists on the Cable Car

Poor thing was exhausted!

We know we are awesome. 'Nuff said.

Previous caption applies.

Rocking the new shirt and hat

He is SO cool!

On a Sunday morning stroll

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