June 1 - 6, 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010
Last week was a lot of fun. One afternoon, Jeff and I went on a walk and ended up at Ghirardelli Square where we decided to eat an ice cream sundae. It was super tasty and just what we needed!

The rest of the week was super busy with both of us working but we were able to cram a lot into the weekend. On Saturday, we went on our usual Saturday walk and stumbled upon the Union Street Fair. It was so much fun and the weather was perfect (if anything too hot!) and we had a great time walking around and seeing all the vendors.

So true!

Jeff submitted his medical school applications this weekend as well and that was/is exciting because now the whole applying process is so real. He applied to schools all over the nation, but mostly East and West coasts. It will be exciting to see what happens! On Saturday night, after work, we headed to the boat and spent the night there since Jeff had some boat chores to do on Sunday. Sunday morning, we woke up to an amazing day in Tiburon and went on a walk to get breakfast then we headed back to the boat. It was already so hot at 10am that I put my bathing suit on and got some sun. It was so nice getting some sun and color (even though both Jeff and I got fried). We didn't get to spend too much time on the boat because I had to work, but the time that we did spend out there was perfect!

This week, we are just working away and getting closer and closer to Hawaii! Have a great week!

La settimana scorsa era molto divertente. Un pomeriggio, io e Jeff siamo andati a fare una passeggiata e siamo finiti a Ghirardelli Square dove ci siamo presi un gelato, era buonissimo! Il resto della settimana non era molto divertente perche' tutti due stavamo lavorando. Sabato, siamo andati a fare la nostra solita passeggiata e abbiamo trovato una fiera in una della strade. Era una fiera molto bella (e' grande) e ci siamo divertiti molto! Sabato sera siamo andati alla barca perche' domenica, Jeff doveva fare un paio di cose. Domenica mattina, dopo che siamo andati a mangiare, io mi sono messa in costume e mi sono stradiata sulla barca a prendere il sole. Si stava cosi bene nel sole, non volevo andare a lavorare! Jeff ha sotto messo le sue applicazioni per la medical school ed adesso dobbiamo aspettare per vedere che cosa succede. Questa settimana non c'e' molto in programma, solo lavoro e preparando per le Hawaii! Buona settimana!
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