June 21 - 27, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010
I started the week by making some homemade tomato sauce. I may have gone a bit overboard as I made two and a half (and then some) jars of it! But it turned out wonderful and we now have wonderful sauce!
Ho cominciato la settimana a fare un sugo al pomodoro. E' venuto molto buono, anche se ne' ho fatto un po' tanto! Adesso abbiamo sugo per al meno un paio di mesi!

I also made some pound cake. This was the first time I have ever attempted to make pound cake, and, well, the pictures say it all! The recipe called for a 10-inch angel food loaf pan (?), I used a 9-inch regular loaf pan. Then the recipe called for about 25 different bowls, I used 3 (it really called for about 3 or 4, but I put the ingredients in the wrong bowls). Recipe said to "fold" cut pieces of butter into the egg mixture, I blended. Then said to separate the flour into four areas and slowly add the other mixture to it. Again, I blended. However, despite my carelessness with the recipe (I mean really, I only have so much time) it turned out very tasty! Maybe not like the picture in the book or how it maybe "should" look, but it was very tasty and that's all that matters.
Ho anche fato un pound cake che e' un tipo di torta un po' asciutta, ma molto densa. Ho seguito l'instruzioni abastanza (non tutte) che la torta e' venuta molto buona anchce se un po' e' andata sopra. meno male che c'avevo messo una teglia setto per racogliere tutto!

Before (notice the cookie sheet under the loaf)

After (good thing that cookie sheet is there!)

Final Result

On Saturday night, Jeff surprised me after work and said that he had made us dinner reservations. We went to Steps of Rome on Columbus Avenue (in Little Italy) and it was so yummy! We pulled out all the stops and ordered a bottle of prosecco, calamari fritti, and then shared gnocchi alla salsiccia (gnocchi with a red sauce and spicy sausage) and saltimbocca alla romana (veal with prosciutto cooked in a white wine sauce), and then finally profiterole bianchi/alla vaniglia (cream puffs with a vanilla sauce). Everything was so tasty, we can't wait to go back! We then went to a movie that end and it was just the perfect date!
Sabato sera, Jeff mi ha sorpreso dopo il lavoro dicendomi che aveva prenotato per cena. Siamo andati a un ristorante italiano buonissimo! Abbiamo preso una bottiglia di prosecco, calamari fritti, Jeff ha preso gnocchi alla salsiccia e io ho preso saltimbocca alla romana (buonissimi!). Per dolce, avevano dei profiterole bianchi con una crema alla vaniglia. Erano i profiterole piu' buoni che io ho mai mangiato! Dopo cena, siamo andati al cinema e poi a casa perche' era tardi. Era una serata perfetta!


Saltimbocca Alla Romana

Gnocchi Alla Salsiccia

Profiterole Bianchi

That was my week and now it is t-minus 9 days until the start of the Pacific Cup so life is busy here in the Bay! Have a wonderful week!
Quella era la mia settimana e adesso ci sono solo 9 giorni prima della gara allora noi siamo molto imepgnati! Buona settimana!

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