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Monday, July 26, 2010
All right, here is the Hawaii post everyone is waiting for! The pictures are all in a slide show here at the top and then each day has its own (didn't want to have to post 500 pictures individually) so make sure you look at those! Make sure you also look at my previous post about how the race went. Now onto Hawaii! It was amazing, plain and simple, it was paradise. The weather was wonderful, the house was spectacular, and the company amazing. We had an amazing time. I'm just going to go day by day and tell you what we did so enjoy!
Allora, qua c'e' il blog di Hawaii! Le foto sono tutte qua al inizio, pero' ogni giorno ha le sue foto dentro un slide show perche' non avevo voglia di mettere 500 foto sul blog. Dovete anche essere sicuri di guardare l'aggiornamento su Jamani che sta tornando a San Francisco. Adesso per le Hawaii. Era una vacanza perfetta. Il tempo era bellissimo, la casa meravigliosa, era paradiso. Adesso vado giorno per giorno che vi dico tutto quello che abbiamo fatto!

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Saturday, July 17:
Saturday Emma and I (Mike's daughter) flew into HNL from SFO. We stayed the night at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Waikiki (AMAZING hotel, and not just because I work for the Hilton) and had a beautiful room overlooking Waikiki Beach with a balcony. Heaven, in other words. We went and had lunch at the restaurant on property, Tropics, where we had an amazing fish sandwich, super tasty! From there it was off to the water-slides and pools at the Village. All were fun and we wiped ourselves out so headed to bed early eager for a full day on Sunday.
Sabato, io e la Emma (la figlia di Mike) siamo arrivate alle Hawaii. Siamo stati per una sera al Hilton che c'e' a Waikiki e siamo state molto bene! Siamo andate a mangiare al ristorante che c'e' li dentro l'albergho e abbiamo mangiato molto bene! Dopo che abbiamo mangiato, siamo andati su gli scivoli che ci sono ed anche dentro tutte le piscine! Ci siamo divertite molto! Siamo andate a letto presto per fare una giornata intera domenica!

Sunday, July 18:
Emma and I played on Waikiki until Tim arrived from SLC. We both got fried (me more than her, but now I am gloriously tan!) but had a great time! With Tim, we headed to the rental house on Kailua Bay. Kailua is where we stayed two years ago and we were very eager to go back. The house this year was right on the beach and was amazing! It had this wonderful wrap around porch with chairs and benches, all the water toys needed to have a great time, and we were on this amazing beach! Sunday night, Carolyn and Claire flew in from SFO so we met them at the house and made a plan to go see Jamani arrive in the morning.
Domenica, io e la Emma siamo state sulla spiaggia quasi tutto il giorno. Io mi sono scottata un po', pero' adesso sono molto abbronzata! Quando e' arrivato Tim, siamo andati tutti alla casa. Quest'anno eravamo dentro una casa sulla spiaggia. Era bellissima! C'era un gran balcone con sedie per leggere e guardare fuori e tutti i giochi che servono per andare in spiaggia. Domenica sera, sono arrivate la Carolyn e la Claire e ci siamo messi tutti d'accordo per andare a vedere la barca lunedi'.

Monday, July 19:
Jamani arrived! They were kind enough to arrive nice and early in the morning, but on the bright side, we saw a beautiful sunrise from our wonderful house! After we helped them unload and get back to the house, I went and played on the beach while Jeff slept (until Tuesday morning, poor kid was exhausted!), and then I took a nap. The house was amazing because we were all falling asleep, sleeping, and waking up hearing the waves, ah, it was bliss!
Jamani e' arrivata! Sono stati gentili di arrivare molto presto al mattino, pero' noi alla casa abbiamo visto un tramonto bellissimo! Dopo che gli abbiamo aiutati a mettere tutto a posto, io sono andata in spiaggia e Jeff ha fatto un gran pisolo. La casa era perfetta perche' quando si sentiva il mare in qualsiasi camera ed era molto rilassante dormire con il rumore del mare!

Tuesday, July 20:
Tuesday was a lazy day as Jeff and I just played on the beach just about all day. The water was so warm and felt so nice after tanning in the sun for a bit. That night, we went to the Kaneohe Yacht Club for Jazz night. It was fun and we started the night with a giant (and delicious) pitcher of mai-tais!
Martedi' non abbiamo fatto molto e io e Jeff siamo stati in spiaggia quasi tutto il giorno. Quella sera, siamo andati al club per una festa dova abbiamo cominciato a bere i nostri mai-tais!

Wednesday, July 21:
Jeff and I decided to take the kayaks out today. That was exciting! The waves were pretty rough and we were drenched (also due to the fact that we were in an ocean) but we had a great time surfing the waves. Wednesday night was the luau at the club and when Jeff and I went on a walk, we saw a wonderful sunset over the water.
Io e Jeff siamo andati sulle kayaks che c'erano alla casa. Ci siamo divertiti molto andare sulle onde e ci siamo bagnati molto! Quella sera c'era il luau al club dove io e Jeff abbiamo visto un tramonto bellissimo!

Thursday, July 22:
This was an adventure packed day! The house we were at has these 2 Hobie Cats which are small catamarans that you sail on the ocean. Jeff being a sailor and all was itching to take them out so we finally did that on Thursday. We had so much fun! This first time out, we only took a main sail and no gybe so it was particularly difficult to turn the boat from one direction to the other. Therefore, in order to tach the boat (turn it around), Jeff would need to hop off the hobie cat and literally swim us around to the other side until we picked up enough wind to go on. Then he would jump back on the boat and steer us so that we were flying. Again, we had so much fun (see videos below, ignore my constant giggling), and were flying across the ocean! Jeff decided to tell me while we were out in the middle of the ocean, "Oh hey, you know, I've never sailed a Hobie Cat before," what a dear! No, but he did really well despite never having sailed that kind of boat before. Then, since that adventure wasn't quite enough, we took the kayaks out again and kayaked to this flat little island that was near the house. That was also quite a bit of fun! That night was the Mount Gay Rum Party where we all got some awesome new hats. Overall great day!
Questa era una giornata piena di divertimento! Io e Jeff siamo andati in queste barche piccole (hobie cat) e ci siamo divertiti molto! Siamo andati solo con una vela in vece che due, allora Jeff ha dovuto scendere dalla barca e nuotare quando volevamo girare. Ci siamo divertiti molto! Dopo di che, siamo andati ancora sulle kayak e siamo andati fino a un isola piccola che c'e' vicino alla casa. Quella sera, c'era il Mount Gay Rum Party dove abbiamo preso dei capelli molto belli! E' stata una giornata perfetta!

Thursday Pics

Adventures on the Hobie Cat Part 1

Adventures on the Hobie Cat Part 2

Friday, July 23:
Friday was a very productive day as Jeff and his dad did boat chores while his mom and I went grocery shopping for them for the way home. It was a very busy day and we were happy to be out of the sun that afternoon! That night was the awards night party which had amazing food and maitais!
Venerdi' era una giornata dove abbiamo fatto molto. In tanto che Jeff e suo papa' stavano lavorando sulla barca, io e la sua mamma siamo andati a fare la spesa per loro per tornare a San Francisco. Era una giornata molto importante perche' dovevamo fare quei giri gli. Quella sera c'era l'ultima festa dove c'era roba molto buona da mangiare e da bere!


Saturday, July 24:
This was probably my favorite day out of the 9 that I was in Hawaii. Jeff and I took the hobie cat out again (much more successfully as we used the gybe to turn instead of Jeff) and then we had a date afternoon/night. We drove up to the North Shore in the midst of some beautiful scenery, and ended up at Turtle Beach where Hawaiian green sea turtles go to bask in the sun. Then we headed into Waimea for the best shaved ice at Matsumoto's (no really, it was amazing!). Before heading to dinner, we drove around a bit and saw the beginnings of a beautiful sunset. From there, we went to dinner at Banzai sushi and sat cross-legged on the deck eating lots and lots of yummy sushi. Then it was time to go home and get some much needed sleep as Jeff was leaving in the morning. We had such a great time though and it was so nice to go see a different part of the island.
Sabato e' stato il mio giorno preferito. Io e Jeff siamo andati ancora in barca (pero' era meglio questa volta perche Jeff non doveva scendere e nuotare per girarci) e poi siamo andati fuori. Siamo andati al North Shore dove abbiamo visto delle tartaruge enorme! Poi siamo andati a prendere della granita in questo posto buonissimo. Prima di andare a cena, abbiamo fato un giro in macchina e abbiamo visto l'inizio di un tramonto phenomenale! Per cena, siamo andati a mangiare (molto) sushi in questo ristorante dove ci siamo seduti per terre su cuscini. Era una giornata perfette e ci siamo divertiti molto!

Saturday Pics

Saturday Adventures on the Hobie Cat

Sunday, July 25:
Ahh, last day in Hawaii. Jamani took off in the morning so we had the whole rest of the day to play. Tim and I decided to go on a hike to Makapuu Point to see a lighthouse and it was a beautiful hike! The views from the top were absolutely amazing! After our hike, we were both too burned out from the sun (not literally, we just wanted shade and air conditioning) so we went and saw a movie before heading to the airport. And with that, my Hawaii vacation came to an end. What a wonderful way to spend 9 days and I can't wait to go back soon!
L'ultimo giorno alle Hawaii. Jamani e' partita al mattino allora avevamo tutto il giorno per fare qualsiasi cose. Io e Tim siamo andati a fare una passeggiata su una collina e sono molto contenta che ci siamo andati. Era una vista spectacolare! Dopo di che, volevamo essere nel fresco allora siamo andati al cinema prima di andare al aeroporto. E con quello, la mia vacanza e' finita. Non vedo l'ora di tornare!

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