23rd Birthday! (Part One)

Friday, September 10, 2010
This was a wonderful birthday, and it is only part one! I took one week off of work so I was home yesterday, and today (going to SLC), and don't go back to work until next Thursday! Oh happy day! Jeff spoiled me rotten on my birthday. He bought me some beautiful Tiffany and Co. earrings, a gift certificate for the spa at the Intercontinental, cupcakes, and he took me out to dinner last night. What a great boyfriend! (Thank you baby!)
Questo era un compleanno perfetto, ed era solo la prima parte! Io mi sono presa una settimana di vacanze che cosi' potevo essere a casa e poi andare a Salt Lake per un paio di giorni. Jeff mi ha preso di tutto e di piu'! Mi ha regalato dei orrechini di Tiffany bellissimi, un certificato per andare a fare un massaggio in una spa molto bella, e poi delle cupcakes, e poi mi ha anche portato fuori a mangiare! E' bravissimo!

My Super Tasty Cupcakes

I decided to spend my afternoon at the zoo yesterday as I had never been and since I am a member of the Aquarium of the Bay here in the city, one of my perks is that I get half off admission. Needless to say, it was a bargain! The zoo is on the other end of the city from our apartment (we are closer to the Bay and the zoo is on the Pacific Ocean). To get there, I took the bus and it took me right to the front gates. From there, I paid my admission (well, half of it at least), and went on my way! The zoo is HUGE! They have so many animals and so much land that I am surprised that I saw (almost) everything! I went in the early afternoon which was perfect because there was no one there. There were lions (sleeping), tigers (sleeping), and bears (playing). I saw my favorite animal - polar bears - and must have taken about 50 pictures just of the polar bears. There were monkeys swinging and birds calling. All in all, it was a great trip to the zoo! On the way home, the bus drove along the Great Highway (or Highway 1) and I saw the ocean in all of its glory.
Ho deciso di passare il pomeriggio allo zoo che c'e' in citta'. Lo zoo e' bello perche' e praticamente sul oceano Pacifico. Poi, essendo membra dell'acquario io pago solo metta del prezzo di entrata. Lo zoo e' enorme! Hanno tantissimi animali e tanta terra che spero di aver'visto tutto! Hanno leoni, tigri, orsi polare, scimmie, papagalli, be', di tutto! Mi sono divertita molto! Per andare a casa, l'autobus ha passato sul mare ed ho visto l'oceano, era stupendo (anche se c'erano delle nuvole!).


Baby Gorilla





At the Lion's Fountain


Great Elan


And Tigers...

And Bears... OH MY!

Pretty Flower by the Polar Bears


Favorite Animal: The Polar Bear

Favorite Animal: The Polar Bear

By the Polar Bears, the best pic I had of me with them


The Ocean!

For dinner, Jeff took me to this tasty little sushi place by our house and then we went for a walk after and saw the last part of the sunset. All in all, it was a most wonderful birthday and I can't wait to go home and have part two with my family!
Per cena, Jeff mi ha portato a mangiare in un posto di sushi molto carino. Abbiamo mangiato molto e dopo mangiato siamo andati a fare una passeggiata dove abbiamo visto l'ultima parte del tramonto. E' stato un compleanno perfetto e non vedo l'ora di essere a casa per celebrarlo con loro!

Greatest BF ever!
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