Italy - Part 1

Sunday, October 31, 2010
Made it to Italy safe and sound! Had a nice, long flight from SFO - MSP - AMS - LIN, and my bags didn't made it. But here's the catch. It wasn't that they lost my bags, it was that they didn't make the connection from AMS - LIN because I only had 50 minutes from arrival to departure (I barely made the connection). Oh well. Luckily, my bags arrived today (or 24 hours later) with nothing missing, so that worked out well! So far the trip is so much fun! I'm here just to spend time with family and eat a ton of food! Mission already accomplished! Lunch with my nonna yesterday was heaven! Cappelletti, prosciutto, and bocconcini di pollo! Yum! Tonight it's off to my cousin's for dinner and I know it will be delicious!

Sono arrivata in Italia! Ho fatto un volo abastanza lungo, pero' tutto e' andato bene (tranne la valigia che non e' arrivata). Pero' la valigia e' arrivata oggi meno'male! Mi sto divertendo molto in Italia! Sto mangiando tantissimo, bevendo molto cafe', e sto passando molto tempo con i miei parenti! A pranzo ieri mezzogiorno dalla nonna, mi ha fatto i cappelletti, c'era del prosciutto (di Parma ovviamente!), e bocconcini di pollo! Che bonta'! Sta sera vado a mangiare a casa di mia cugina! Che bella vacanza!
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