September 27 - October 3, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010
This was a crazy week! Work was fine and then I got sick with a head cold, stuffy nose, sore throat, etc. So I had to call in sick to work a day and a half and be stuck at home where our apartment turned into a cave. Not exactly fun, but I guess what I needed as I am now (mostly) better! To finish the week, my good friend Liz came into town and stayed for the weekend. I worked, but we were able to hang out in the afternoon and at night. We wandered around North Beach, grabbed some sushi for dinner with our other Judge pal John, and then meandered through the city! It was a great end to a somewhat slow week! Have a great week!

Che settimana! Lavoro e' andato bene, e poi mi sono amalata con un rafreddore. Non era esattamente quello che volevo, pero' adesso sto molto meglio! Per finire la settimana, una mia amica da Salt Lake, Liz, che si e' appena trasferita a Sacramento, era a San Francisco. Ci siamo divertite molto andando fuori a girare anche con un'altro amico da Salt Lake, John. Era un weekend molto divertente anche se' io non mi sentivo ancora molto bene. Buona settimana!

Alamo Square

Liz and I at Alamo Square

Jeff and I at Alamo Square

Getting ice cream at Ben and Jerry's on Haight and Ashbury

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