Christmas 2010

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunset just before New Year's

Jeff and I had a really fun Christmas season! For starters, many of the hotels in San Francisco create these amazing Gingerbread Houses that they put on display for the public. It was so much fun to walk around to the different hotels (including the Hilton) and see all of the amazing (edible) displays!
Io e Jeff abbiamo avuto un Natale molto bello! Per cominciare, quasi tutto gli alberghi a San Francisco mettono su tutte le decorarzioni di Natali stupendi! Fanno anche queste casette di dolci (gingerbread) que sono meravigliosi (e si potrebbero anche mangiare, volendo)!

Cable Car Village at the Hilton

The Westin St. Francis' Gingerbread Castle

The Westin St. Francis' Gingerbread Castle

Union Square was also so pretty at night with all of the Christmas lights and decorations.
Union Square era un'altro posto molto bello da sera perche ci sono tutte le luci.

For Christmas, Jeff was with his family skiing in Kirkwood (Lake Tahoe) and I was lucky enough to have my parents and brother come out to the city to celebrate Christmas. We had a great time! I made (by hand) the tablecloth we used so that was fun because I had never really made anything that big before so it was fun to use it. My mom brought capelletti (these amazing ravioli with a meat filling that are traditional to Parma) that were amazing and we had those for Christmas dinner.
Per Natale, Jeff era con i suoi a sciare su a Lake Tahoe e i miei (con Simone) sono venuti a San Francisco. Ci siamo divertiti molto! Io avevo trovato della stoffa molto bella e mi sono fatta una tovaglia natalizia. E' venuta molto bella e stava molto bene sulla tavola! La mamma a anche portato i capelletti che erano buonissimi!

Close up

Full View

So delicious!

Once Jeff came home from skiing, we became members of the DeYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park that has some amazing art exhibits. We joined in order to go see the Van Gogh exhibition as well as some other paintings from the Musee D'Orsay in Paris. It was such a beautiful exhibition and we had so much fun! We can't wait to go and see more!
Dopo che Jeff e' tornato, siamo andati al museo d'arte a vedere una mostra che c'era d'al Musee D'Orsay. Era una mostra molto bella e ci siamo divertiti molto andando al museo!

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