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Monday, March 14, 2011
I have a few (maybe a few more than a few) favorite TV shows that, even though we have no TV, I manage to get my fill (thank you Hulu and Netflix)! So here are some of my favorites (in no order, just as I remembered them).
Ci sono un paio (magari un po' piu' di un paio) di serie in televisione, che, anche se non abbiamo una televisione, riesco a guardarli comunque! Qua sono un paio dei miei preferiti (in nessun ordine)!

because really, who could resist McDreamy, McSteamy, and McAvery (?, not sure of what his "Mc" name is)

two words: Taye Diggs. But also in Santa Monica so their beachfront condos are pretty nice to look at

just hilarious

practically a classic

because who doesn't want to "decide" who people end up with!

LOVE this. everyone should watch.

oh ABC, you just captivate me. Started watching from the beginning, can't stop now!

again, that ABC, just pulls me in!

Jeff and I wanted to move to Santa Barbara (well, we still do) solely because that's where this takes place. Too bad it is filmed in Canada (not sure why). But still, we LOVE this show. Truly can't get enough, wish it were on every night. New summer season starts this summer!

So maybe I don't have the greatest taste in TV shows, but I don't really care because these shows crack me up and I truly do look forward to them every week. They make me want to visit all their pretty places: the Bachelor - Costa Rica, Anguilla, Iceland, Prague, South Africa, etc.; Psych - Santa Barbara; Brothers and Sisters/Modern Family - Pasadena; all of these great places! Anyways, just thought I would share these so that if I randomly reference a show, you would know what I'm talking about! Hope your weeks are going splendidly!
Allora magari non guardo delle cose sostansioze, pero' a me piaccono e io i guardo tutte le settimane! Mi fanno venire voglia di andare a visitare tutti qeusti posti bellissimi!

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