A Perfect Date

Sunday, April 17, 2011
Last week, I had seen many buses driving around with a poster for this fashion exhibit at the DeYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park. After more digging, I found out that there is/was a Balenciaga exhibit at the DeYoung. Since I am a member of the museum, Jeff and I decided to make a date out of it! On Friday night, we packed two PB&J's, grapes, and some water and headed over to the museum on the bus ($2). We toured the Balenciaga exhibit and it was amazing! On display, they had all these amazing dresses, gowns, coats, and capes all designed by Balenciaga, and they were all just breathtaking. After we looked at the exhibit, we sat outside and ate our super tasty PB&J's and then took the bus home. A grand total for our date of $2 (Jeff has a muni pass, so I just paid once and my transfer got me home)! We decided we needed to do dates like that more often because (a) it was so much fun and (b) it was super cheap!

La settimana scorsa, io avevo visto dei autobus che stavano dicendo di una mostra che c'era al museo. La mostra era di Balenciaga e visto che io sono membra, ho deciso che volevo andare a vedere la mostra. Allora venerdi' sera, io e Jeff ci siamo fatti due panini e abbiamo preso l'autobus e siamo andati a vedere la mostra. La mostra era stupenda. C'erano tutti questi vestiti e abiti che ha disegnato Balenciaga che propio, erano bellissimi! Io volevo prendere tutto quello che c'e'ra! Dopo che abbiamo visto la mostra, ci siamo seduti fuori per mangiare i nostri panini e dopo siamo andati a casa. Tutta la serata ha costato solo $2! Abbiamo deciso che dobbiamo fare delle serate cosi' piu' spesso perche' ci siamo divertiti molto e poi non ci ha costato molto!

A gorgeous rainbow one morning as seen outside our kitchen window

I made Jeff a (supposed) super tasty coffee cake - only hope there's some left for me on Sunday!

Eating our PB&J's!

Beautiful lemons outside of a house in SF

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