Friday Night Dinner

Saturday, October 29, 2011
I cooked dinner for my parents on Friday night. While perusing my mom's newest Cucina Italina, I found this recipe for Sartu' (Timbale Napoletano) and it looked so good! I went to the store and started cooking! It took me all afternoon! Granted, I was also cooking these cookies for dessert, but the overall process was quite long. It was fun though making all of the different steps and I followed (almost) all the directions! I did omit the chicken livers, just didn't sound appealing!
Ho fatto io da mangiare venerdi' sera. In tanto che leggevo la Cucina Italiana, ho trovato una ricetta per il sartu' (ricetta in italiano), che sarebbe il timbale napoletano e mi spirava! Sono andata al mercato e ho cominciato a fare da mangiare! C'ho messo un po' di tempo perche stavo anche facendo il dolce, pero' ci ho messo circa tre ore! Mi sono divertita e devo dire che ho anche seguito (quasi) tutte le istruzione. Pero', non c'ho messo i fegati di pollo, non mi spirava!

Rice cooling off

Meat Sauce

I also used individual ramequins instead of one large bowl because (a) couldn't find the right bowl and (b) it seemed more appealing to serve as individuals than as a whole. End result? Quite tasty and big hit! There were a few things I may do differently next time (like make a sauce to drizzle on top), but overall, I was QUITE pleased!
Ho anche usato i ramequin individuali perche' sembra piu' facile a mangiare cosi, e poi non trovavo una tegama adatta! Sono venuti molto buoni! C'erano un paio di cose che farei diversa la prossima volta (tipo, avendo una salsina per metterci sopra), pero', ero MOLTO sodisfatta!

Ready for the oven!

All cooked!

Flipped over

Super tasty!!

My dad thought it was so good, he even started playing the drums! :-)
Il papa' era cosi contento che si e' messo a suonare i tamburi! :-)

Pumpkin Cookies with Chocolate topping. It was supposed to be a drizzle, but that didn't work too well.
Biscotti di zucca con il ciocolato. Doveva essere piu' bello, pero' non mi e' venuto.

Not quite a drizzle, but oh well!


Anonymous said...

Oh I am going to try to make the first recipe,they look like sheperds pie only better.Yum

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