The Opera

Sunday, October 16, 2011
Capitol Theatre all lit up!

My parents have season tickets to the Utah Opera. They are awesome, I know this. Anyways, this past Friday they had tickets to Fidelio. My mom was out of town so my dad and I went. We had a great time! The opera itself was composed by Beethoven and was a German opera. I haven't been exposed to much opera, but this one was okay. The first Act was a little slow (to me), but the last number of Act II was wonderful! Some of the voices were just phenomenal! Maybe I'll go again soon!

I miei genitori hanno i biglietti per l'opera. Lo so, sono abastanza importanti! Venerdi' scorso, c'era Fidelio. La mamma non c'era allora ci sono andata con il papa'. Ci siamo divertiti molto! L'opera e' di Beethoven ed e' un opera tedescha. Questa opera era ok. La prima parte era un po' lenta e non e' che mi era piacuta molto. Pero' l'ultimo numero e' stato bellissmo! C'erano delle voci veramente belle! Magari c'andro' ancora!

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Daddy-daughter pic! 
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