Christmas Spirit

Sunday, November 27, 2011
This year, I felt the need to donate to some charities. I've watched my parents donate to various charities year after year and with everything that's happened this year (especially this fall), I wanted to donate as well. I picked two charities: the World Wildlife Fund and St. Jude's.

Click the picture to donate to the WWF

The World Wildlife Fund does some amazing things, but their primary concern is to protect the homes of endangered species. I LOVE polar bears, always have. I was on the WWF website looking to donate and saw that I could adopt a polar bear. And I did. There are 100 different species that you can adopt or you can just make a one time donation. For those with children, I encourage you, if you can, to adopt their favorite animal. Coca-Cola has also teamed up with the WWF to match donations up to 1 million dollars to protect the homes of the polar bears.

I chose to donate to St. Jude's because of their continued dedication to children. There are so many sick babies out there and St. Jude's dedicates their work to research of these illnesses the babies have. I think it is a wonderful organization and hope that my (albeit limited) donation helps someone.
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