San Diego Part 2 - Coronado

Saturday, November 12, 2011
On Monday, I had the day to myself since my mom had her meeting. I decided to take the Old Town Trolley tours because it would get me around town. It was a gorgeous day so I thought I would stay on the trolley for a full tour and then hop off in Coronado. I'm so glad I did! On my way over to Coronado, I saw many fun bits of San Diego and planned out the rest of my trip!

Lunedi', avevo la giornata da sola perche' la mamma aveva il suo meeting. Ho deciso di fare il tour della citta' con il trolley perche' cosi' mi potevo spostare nella citta'. Ho deciso di stare su per tutto il giro, e poi, fermarmi a Coronado. Sono molto contenta di avere fatto cosi'! In tanto che arivavo a Coronado, ho visto tanti posti belli e cosi mi sono fatta il programma per il resto del mio viaggio.

I really didn't take too many pictures here, although the CA Candle Gallery
and Frosted Robin Cupcakes are here. (See Part 3)

Coronado, CA (aka heaven)................................

So Sunny! This picture is for Terrence because he always complains
when people have sunglasses on in pictures. 

The Hotel del Coronado. Just beautiful!


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