San Diego Part 4 - USS Midway

Saturday, November 12, 2011
One neat thing I toured while I was in San Diego was the USS Midway. This ship was used by the Navy most recently in Desert Storm (early 90's). It was really neat to see the inside of the ship and all the cool buttons (I know, I'm like a little kid) they used. Plus, it gave a great view of the city!

Una cosa bella che ho fatto e' che sono andata a vedere una nave. Questa nave era usata durante Desert Storm nel 1992. Era cosi' bello vedere dentro e tutto quello che usavano. Ho tocatto tutti i bottoni (lo so, sono una bambina!)! E poi, c'era una vista bellissima della citta'!

This ship (HMS Surprise) was apparently used in the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean

USS Midway


Bunks/berths. The captains and admirals had way cooler sleeping quarters

In the brig (jail)

In the engine room

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