San Diego Part 6 - America's Cup

Saturday, November 12, 2011
While in San Diego, I noticed lots of signs for the America's Cup. Then I started seeing lots of boats. Naturally, I had to go check it out! Turns out, the America's Cup World Series is having races in San Diego all of this week. While I was there, they were practicing. So, not only did I have front row seats for the practice races, but I also got to see the Cup and all of the boats in action. It was awesome!

In tanto che ero a San Diego, ho visto tanti cartelli per una gara in barca vela, America's Cup (apparentamente avranno delle gare anche a Venezia nel 2012). Poi, ho visto tante barche. Questa settimana, ci saranno delle gare a San Diego. Io ho potuto vedere le barche che si allenavano e tantissime altre cose! Era cosi bello vedere queste barche enorme che costano un sacco andare. Vanno cosi' veloce! Era molto bello!

USA - Oracle
China - China Team
Korea - Team Korea
France - Aleph
France - Energy Team
Spain - Green Comm
Sweden - Artemis
New Zealand - Emirates

Watch the races LIVE
Guarda le gare LIVE

The Cup

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