New Year Festivities

Friday, January 6, 2012
First off, it's my 200th post! Crazy!
Prima, e' il mio 200 post!

For New Year's, I kept things very low key which was nice. My dad and I made a lovely dinner that Simone even stayed for on both New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. The highlight was making the Baba Au Rhum which are these little dough things that are truly delicious.
Per capodanno, non ho fatto molto. Io el papa' abbiamo fatto una buonissima cena sia per capodanno che per il primo del anno. La cosa piu' buona (oltre i capeletti) erano i Baba Au Rhum che erano buonissimi.

I ate mine with ice cream and pink sprinkles

Then, my dad and I went downtown to Eve (SLC's rocking NYE party). There were a few cool things, but nothing that exciting. The highlight was being in a room with 2012 beach balls and kicking/throwing them.
Poi, io el papa' siamo andati in downtown a Eve che e' la festa che fa SLC per capodanno. C'erano un paio di cose belle, pero' niente molto bello. La cosa piu' belle era che c'era una stanza con 2012 palle da spiaggiae si poteva tirarle d'apertutto.

Apparently, beavers were the mascots. Did NOT understand

A few days later, my dad had the day off so we took a road/day trip up to Bear Lake. It was gorgeous! I think I had been a while back, but definitely didn't remember much. We took a ton of pictures, enjoyed the snow, and played the lottery in Idaho.
Un paio di giorni dopo, il papa' non doveva andare a lavorare allora siamo andati su a Bear Lake. Era molto bello! Io c'ero gia stata molto tempo fa', pero' non mi ricordavo molto. Abbiamo fatto un sacco di foto, visto dove c'e' la neve, e giocato la lotteria in Idaho.

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