Italia 2

Monday, July 9, 2012
Before I get into Palermo and Riccione, here are some more pictures from the trip.
Prima che parlo di Palermo e Riccione, qua ci sono delle altre foto.

Me with my great-aunt

Me and my cousin Novella

One night I went to this multicultural festival where there were typical foods from different parts of the world. I chose a meal from Kurdistan with a rice thing, salad, and kebab meat. It was quite tasty!
Una sera siamo andati a una festa multiculturale a Collecchio dove c'era da mangiare. Io ho scelto un piato del Kurdistan con una specie di riso, insalata, e carne del kebab. Era molto buono!

This was neat. Instead of selling water, they had set up this fountain
with free water. I had coincidentally brought a bottle of water so just
kept refilling it. 

My cousin Elena and I at dinner

I truly don't know why people eat things other than torta fritta e salumi

Sorbetto al limone e fragola

Bocconcini di pollo

Torta salata (I could eat this morning, noon, and night)

Pizza con il crudo

Brioche alla crema


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