Ronchi di Marina di Massa

Monday, July 9, 2012
The first week I was in Italy, my aunt and uncle took me to the beach for the day. Now, a beach experience in Italy/Europe is quite different than a beach experience in the US. For starters, typically, in Italy, you have to pay, but then you get chairs, umbrella, hot showers, a room for your clothes, etc. On this particular beach day, we went to Ronchi di Marina di Massa (look on my map to see where it it). The place we chose was gorgeous! Since we went in the middle of the week, there were hardly any crowds at all.
La prima settimana che ero in Italia, i miei zii mi hanno portato al mare. Adesso, andare al mare in Italia/Europa e molto diverso che non andare al mare negli Stati Uniti. Di solito, in Italia/Europa, devi pagare e poi ha i lettini, ombrellone, doccie calde, e una cabina. Questo giorno, siamo andati ai Ronchi di Marina di Massa. Era un bagno stupendo! Visto che ci siamo andati un mercoledi', non c'era molta gente.

Each party gets their own room where you can change and leave clothes

Entrance looking onto the beach


So pretty

There was a lovely heated pool that we had access to

After our day at the beach, we headed towards Carrara. The town of Carrara is famous for its extensive marble caves. Everything was made with marble and it was so pretty! There was also a gorgeous view of the city below and beach.
Dopo la nostra giornata al mara, siamo andati a Carrara. Il comune di Carrara e' conosciuta perche' c'e' tantissimo marmo. Tutto era fatto con il marmo ed era molto bello! C'e' anche una vista spettacolare!

Marble Cave


We then went and ate dinner in Sarzana in a restaurant that my cousin recommended. It was so good!
Dopo siamo andati a cena in un ristorante a Sarzana che ci aveva racommandato la mia cugina. Era buonissimo!

The menu. We ordered a sampling of the appetizers (pic below)
and then the Trofie con muscoli e pomodori

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