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Tuesday, June 11, 2013
School is out for summer here in San Diego! Our last day was today and it was much needed! Everyone, from the teachers to students to parents, are ready for a break. I finished out the year at a school in SD. I wasn't teaching, but working more closely with the resource teachers. They help a lot in the classroom with small groups and assessments. I learned a lot these past few months and know that my time at the school will benefit me going forward.
La scuola e' finita per l'estate! L'ultimo giorno era oggi e tutti l'aspettavano! Io ho finito l'anno in una scuola a San Diego dove stavo aiutando. Io stavo lavorando con dei gruppi di bambini e poi facevo anche l'esami per la fine del anno. Ho imparato un sacco in questi ultimi mesi e so che il mio tempo in questa scuola mi aiuterra' nel futuro.

Looking forward, I'm heading to SLC in about a week and then it's off to Italy for almost a month (YAY!!!), back to SLC for another week or so, and then back to San Diego. Nothing at the moment on the horizon for work, but things work slowly here in SD. Basically, I have to wait until school starts in September to know how the enrollment is and then if any school has an opening. I am very hopeful for something in the fall and just am looking forward to a great summer!
Guardando avanti, vado a casa fra circa una settimana, e poi in Italia per quasi un mese (CHE BELLO!!!!!!), poi indietro a SLC un'altra settimana, e poi tornero' a San Diego. Con il lavoro, ancora non so niente per l'anno prossimo. Pero', qua a San Diego, devo aspettare a Settembre dopo che le scuole cominciano e poi si vede come' vanno le cose. Io spero bene e per adesso, non vedo l'ora di venire in Italia!
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