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Saturday, August 31, 2013
After Italy, I stayed in SLC for about 2 weeks and just took it easy. I didn't do a whole lot except for hanging out by the pool, hanging out at home, and with friends. It was lovely. I wasn't very good though, and didn't take any pictures! I'm working on it! When it was time to come back to San Diego, my mom drove back with me. We stopped in Vegas for lunch and it was so hot! I thought we were going to melt! We made great time and got back to San Diego in 12 hours with about an hour or so lost between lunch/gas/bathroom - I was happy it didn't take long!
Dopo l'Italia, sono stata a SLC per circa 2 settimane e non ho fatto niente. Sono andata in piscina, sono stata a casa, e mi sono vista con i miei amici. Era molto bello. Poi, quando era tempo di tornare a San Diego, la mamma e' venuta con me. Ci siamo fermate a Las Vegas a mangiare e c'era tanto caldo!! Tra l'altro siamo arrivate a San Diego in 12 ore totale, anche se ci siamo fermate un paio di volte. Io ero molto contenta di essere tornata!

My mom had never explored Balboa Park so on Tuesday, we headed there to check out some of the museums. We started at the San Diego Automotive Museum which was small, but had some pretty neat cars.
La mamma non era mai stata a Balboa Park allora martedi', siamo andate li per vedere dei musei. Il primo che abbiamo visto era quello delle macchine. Anche se non era molto grande, c'erano delle macchine molto belle!

After the Auto Museum, we headed to the Timken Museum of Art which was neat because it was free, and then we headed to the Botanical Gardens, which were absolutely stunning. There was this giant orchid display which was just beautiful!
Dopo il museo delle macchine, siamo andate a vedere del'arte e poi dei giardini. I giardini erano proprio stupendi. Avevano tante orchidee che erano troppo belle!

The next day, we headed to the Cabrillo National Monument in Point Loma. It was a gorgeous day and gave us some amazing views of the city!
Il giorno dopo, siamo andate al Cabrillo National Monument a Point Loma. Era una giornata bellissima e c'erano delle viste spettacolare!

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