Teaching Job!!!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013
Hi all! I was offered a 4th grade teaching position at a Catholic school here in San Diego and I am happy to say that I accepted it! I had interviewed with some other Catholic schools in June, but I wasn't in love with the school. I really like the school I am at and the staff has been so nice and welcoming! I'll be back blogging about Salt Lake and my mom in San Diego and my job in a week or so once I've got my room all ready, but just wanted to update the blog!

Ciao a tutti!!! Mi hanno offerto un lavoro insegnando la quarta elementare in una scuola Cattolica qua a San Diego. Sono MOLTO contenta di avere la mia classe dopo aver trovato una scuola che mi piace tanto. Dopo che ho messo un po' in ordine e le cose si sono un po' sistemate, spiegherò' più' di tutto, pero' volevo solo mettere sul blog che ho un lavoro!!
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