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Sunday, September 7, 2014
Driving with mom to San Diego was great. We had very little traffic and got into SD around 2pm. We quickly unloaded and then headed to school to get some things done. It was so nice having my mom and Noel help me with my classroom. We got everything done super fast! 
Guidare a San Diego con la mamma e' andata molto bene. Non c'era traffico e siamo arrivati a San Diego verso le 2. Abbiamo lasciato un paio di cose a casa e poi siamo andate a scuola per mettere in ordine. Abbiamo finito tutto in poco tempo! 

One night, we invited some friends over for a feast! We made gnocchi, crab cakes, zucchini, asparagus, and a delicious salad. Cooking with my mom is the best!
Una sera, abbiamo invitato dei amici a cena. Abbiamo fatto dei gnocchi, crab cakes, zucchini, asparagi, e un'insalata buonissima! Fare da mangiare con la mamma e il migliore!

Gnocchi in a ham and pea sauce



Crab cakes




vicki jones said...

Looks yummy!! Hope you are happy and doing well in San Diego. xoxo

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