Palm Springs

Monday, January 19, 2015
Over Martin Luther King weekend, Noel (roommate) had a friend who was having a birthday party in Palm Springs. She was kind enough to invite me to tag along. I'd never been to Palm Springs so it was fun to look around and see the sights.
Per un weekend lungo, la Noel aveva un amico che stava facendo una fest di compleanno a Palm Springs. Visto che io non c'ero mai stata, e' stata gentile e mi ha invitato.

Started the drive with some delicious donuts!
Cominciato il viaggio con delle ciambelle!

Palm Springs!

Darling note at our AirBNB

View from the apartment

We headed up to the tram on Sunday with John and Craig. It was gorgeous!
Siamo andati nella specie di seggiovia per andare sulla montagna. Meritava molto!

Fall! (Well.....)

The tram. It spins around (on the inside) so you have a 360* view.

The whole gang


Partway up

Made it to the top!

Oh yeah, there was snow!

And I was in flats. That had/have no traction. 

Snow above, desert below

Palm Springs from above

Back at the bottom

One last shot of the stunning palm trees

It was such a fun trip and I'm glad I got to see a new city!
Ci siamo divertiti tanto e sono contenta che ho visto una citta' nuova!
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