Las Vegas in June

Monday, June 29, 2015
Prior to heading to SLC, I stopped in Vegas for two nights. My mom and dad flew down because my dad had clinic one day. While my dad was working, my mom and I went to the pool and then treated ourselves to a fancy pedicure at the spa. It was a lovely mini-vacation in Vegas. It was too hot (think 115 degrees) to do anything else!
Prima di arrivare a SLC, mi sono fermata a Las Vegas per due sere. La mamma e il papa' sono venuti in aereo perche' il papa' aveva clinica un giorno. In tanto che il papa' lavorava, io e la mamma ci siamo trattate bene con la piscina e un pedicure. C'era troppo caldo per fare altro!

Ready for the pool! 

As with every trip to Vegas, a stop at the Bellagio's Conservatory is a must! Even better that it was an Under the Sea theme!
Come sempre, devo fare un giro nel giardino del Bellagio. Era ancora piu' bello visto che il tema era il mare!

This is the way to do a pedicure - with champagne!
E' cosi' che si fa un pedicure - con il champagne!

We walked through the Wynn one night and they also had a lovely little garden.
Anche il Wynn aveva un giardino molto bello dentro.

In front of the Mirage

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