Olympic Training Center

Monday, June 29, 2015
Before I headed off to Salt Lake and Italy, I had two weeks in San Diego. At Noel's suggestion, I thought I would go somewhere I hadn't been before. I went to the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista. It was an easy drive and free admission, so worth my going on a day off. There wasn't too much to see because the only team that was practicing was women's archery, but it was neat to walk around. I would go back, but would make sure to pick a day when there are more teams practicing.
Prima di venire a casa e poi in Italia, ho passato due settimane a San Diego. Un giorno, sono andata al centro Olimpico che c'e' vicino a casa. Non si page per entrare, allora era perfetto per me! E' bello perche ci sono tanti campi dove fanno allenamenti, pero' il giorno in cui ci sono andata io, non c'era molto. Io ci tornerei, pero' solo quando c'e' più' movimento.

Field hockey with BMX course in the background

They had these gorgeous lime trees all around the center

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