What Pet Should I Get?

Wednesday, August 5, 2015
On July 28, Random House Publishing published a new Dr. Seuss book after having found the sketches in his home. The new book, What Pet Should I Get? was being sold at the Geisel Library at UCSD and since I had time, I ventured up to the library to get a copy. I waited in line and wasn't able to grab one from there, but while there, I looked around. They have many original Seuss sketches on display and it was pretty cool seeing his original drawings. I then headed to Barnes and Noble to get a copy of the new book. The rhyme scheme and art is very similar to other Seuss books. A great addition to my ever-growing Seuss collection!
Il 28 di luglio, hanno pubblicato un'altro libro di Dr. Seuss dopo che hanno trovato i disegni a casa sua. Il nuovo libro si intitola, Che animale dovrei prendere? Io sono andata nella biblioteca a La Jolla dove ci sono anche dei suo disegni originali. I disegni erano molto belli ed il libro e' molto simile ad altri che ha gia' scritto.

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