Saturday, October 24, 2015
One of the perks of my new school is that it is a year round school. That means that the students started in July, but in September, had two weeks off. For me, it meant I taught for three weeks and then had two weeks off - yay!
Una delle cose belle de la mia nuova scuola e' che e' una scuola annuale. Questo vuole dire che ogni 9 settimane, ho delle ferie. Allora, io ho lavorato per tre settimane e poi avevo due settimane di ferie!

One of those days I spent it at Disneyland with Noel. We had so much fun and there were hardly any people there!
Uno di quei giorni, l'ho passato a Disneyland con la Noel. Ci siamo divertite molto e non c'era molta gente!

We started our day by going to the Town Hall to get a birthday button.
Abbiamo cominciato la nostra giornata andando in comune a prendere un bottone.

So fun for Halloween!



It's a Small World

Thunder Mountain Railroad

Haunted Mansion

Truly the most magical place!


As we were driving up to Anaheim, we saw that Mike and Laurie were also heading up! We had to meet up with them and Laurie insisted on getting Fairy Dust! So fun!
In tanto che eravamo in macchina, abbiamo visto che dei nostri amici stavano venendo su. Ci siamo incontrati e abbiamo preso del Fairy Dust!

Inside the Tiki Room

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