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Sunday, June 12, 2016
This past weekend, I headed up to Los Angeles for an appointment at the Italian Consolate. Little did I know that my appointment had been cancelled, but I made the most of the trip. Before heading to LA, I had to take my car in for service. They gave me this fun little loaner car.
Questo weekend, sono andata a Los Angeles perche' avevo un appuntamento al Consolato. Non sapevo che il mio appuntamento era cancellato, pero' mi sono divertita lo stesso. Prima di andare a Los Angeles, dovevo portare la macchina dentro per fare cambiare l'olio. Mi hanno dato questa macchina da guidare in tanto che la mia era dentro.

Waiting in the hallway

After waiting patiently at the Consolate, I headed towards the LA County Museum of Art. I wanted to see the street lights exhibition and wandered around a little bit.
Dopo l'appuntamento al Consolato, sono andata a un museo d'arte. Volevo vedere queste luci e poi ho camminato attorno un po'.

I then headed towards the Grove to do some window shopping. I saw the sign for the Museum of the Holocaust and since it was free, I went inside. It was very moving. They had many artifacts from World War II. They also had stories from survivors that you could listen to.
Dopo il museo, sono andata a vedere un paio di vetrine nella mall. Ho visto che c'era un museo del Holocaust e visto che non si pagava, ci sono andata.

On the way to dinner we saw the Culver Studios Plantation that was used in
Gone with the Wind.

My friend Amy and her fiancee' Tim were gracious enough to let me stay with them while in LA. Amy and I originally met when I was studying in Florence and we lived together. I love that we have been able to stay friends!
La mia amica Amy e il suo fidanzato Tim sono stati molto gentili e mi hanno lasciato stare con loro in tanto che ero a LA. Io e la Amy ci siamo conosciute quando abitavo a Firenze. Sono molto contenta che siamo rimaste amiche!

Saturday was a big day as we headed to do a studio tour of Paramount Pictures. This was AMAZING. It was my first studio tour and it was so great. Brittany was our tour guide and she was very knowledgable about the studio and filled the tour with interesting facts.
Sabato era una giornata piena perche' siamo andati a fare un tour dei studio di Paramount. Era fenomenale! Era la prima volta che ho fato un giro di questo tipo, pero' era proprio bello! La nostra guida, Brittany, sapeva molto e ho imparato molto!

Emmy from Titanic!

One of the prosthetic faces for Brad Pitt used in
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Standing in front of the Bronson Gate which used to be the main entrance to the Studio

THE bench from Forest Gump

This window used to be Alfred Hitchbock's office

This was the most fascinating piece of the tour. This is a Blue Sky Tank. It is a giant tank (doubles as a parking lot) and can be filled with over 900,000 gallons of water. Many movies use this tank to film water scenes.
Questa parte era molto interessante. Questo e' un grande serbatoio per l'acqua. Se c'e' una parte di un film dove hanno bisogno di mare, riempiono questo serbatoio e usano questo. Molto interessante!

This little porch is where Tom Cruise filmed a part of Top Gun!

Paramount has also created a mini New York and Chicago.
Hanno anche fato delle citta' piccole cosi' possono filmare qua anche se il telefilm e' girato in un'altra parte.

All of the stages have these plaques that list all of the 
different movies and TV shows that filmed there.

Ted Danson and Woody Harrelson (Cheers) found this spot
of wet cement and put their hand/foot prints.

Drove by the Grace and Frankie set! 

Lucille Ball's first dressing room

Our tour ended inside the Prop Warehouse where they have props from some of their movies.
Abbiamo finito il nostro giro nella officina dove hanno tante cose da diversi film.

Being a Pink Lady!

I headed back to San Diego on Saturday because on Sunday, I went to see Koo Koo Kanga Roo perform at one of the elementary schools. I use their videos in my classroom as breaks for the kids. Their show was so much fun and parents and children were all up and dancing around!
Sono tornata a San Diego sabato perche' domenica, sono andata a vedere uno show. Questi due fanno dei video (ballano e cantano) per bambini. Io gli uso quando i bambini hanno bisogno di fare pausa. E' stato proprio bello!

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