Paso Robles

Wednesday, September 28, 2016
Over Labor Day Weekend, I headed north to Paso Robles with some friends to go wine tasting. I had never been up there and it was the perfect weekend to getaway. Paso is known for their red wines, many zinfandels, and my friends knew quite a few of the wineries. We were able to stay with friends of my friends which made the trip even more fun.
Per Labor Day Weekend, sono andata a Paso Robles con dei amici. Paso Robles e simile a Napa dove ci sono tanti posti che fanno il vino. Io non c'ero mai stata, pero' i miei amici ci vanno un paio di volte al anno. A Paso fanno molti vini rossi.

We started off at Proulx Winery. The scenery was gorgeous!
Abbiamo cominciato il nostro giro a Proulx Winery. Era un posto perfetto!

Right by Turley Winery

This was the view from the house of the friends who hosted us. It was just stunning.
Questa era la vista dalla casa dei amici che ci hanno ospitato. Era proprio bella.

On Sunday, we headed to more wineries. I didn't take too many pictures, but I took a few at Epoch.
Domenica siamo andati a provare altri vini. Non ho fatto tante foto, pero' ne ho fatto un paio.

Here are the other wineries we went to:
Herman Story
McPrice Myers
Alta Colina
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