Fall Break 2016

Sunday, October 2, 2016
One of the lovely things about teaching in a year-round school is that I get two weeks off in September. Everyone else is just starting school, and I get a break! This year, I went to Salt Lake and then spent a weekend in Portland.
Una delle cose belle della mia scuola e che a settembre, ho due settimane di ferie. Tutte le altre scuola hanno appena cominciato, e io sono in vacanza! Quest'anno, sono andata a Salt Lake e ho passato il weekend a Portland.

Pretty SLC Sky

I love living in San Diego, but I miss seeing the leaves change. The leaves were just beautiful in Salt Lake!
A me piace tanto abitare a San Diego, pero', non ci sono le stagioni. A Salt Lake, tutte le foglie erano colori diversi proprio belle!

Rainbow in Park City

Traditional B&D's lunch crew! 

For the weekend, I went up to Portland to visit my college roommate Cady. She is getting married in just a few weeks so it was fun to spend some time with her. We went on a tour of Distillery Row and sampled (truly, just one sip!) many different liquors that they make in Portland.
Per il weekend, sono andata a Portland a trovare la mia amica Cady. Lei si sposera' fra un paio di settimane e allora volevo passare un po' di tempo con lei. Siamo andate a fare un giro delle distillery (dove fanno i liquori) e abbiamo provato tante cose che fanno li.

They had a tasty marionberry vodka

These are old bottles they had. I tried aquavit here for the first time.

Yay for having pretzels!

They had a jalapeno vodka that was interesting

I liked their coffee liqueur the best

Me and Cady!
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