Super Bowl 2017

Saturday, February 11, 2017
The week before the Super Bowl, my high school bestie, Matt, was in town. We went out for Taco Tuesday and had to document.
La settimana prima del Super Bowl, il mio amico Matt era a San Diego. Siamo andati fuori per tacos.

This year, I decided to host a Super Bowl party at my house. I had so much fun getting everything ready! Everyone that came brought a dip and there was a dip-off. There were so many dips to choose from!
Quest'anno ho invitato dei amici per vedere il Super Bowl. Mi sono divertita tanto a mettere tutto insieme! Quelli che sono venuti hanno portato un dip che c'era una gara per chi aveva fatto il dip piu' buono.

Photo spot!

Bar area

Almost ready

This was my dip - Hannah used to make this for me.
It was delicious.

Pasta Crudaiola

These were AMAZING!

I didn't make these for the Super Bowl, but they still needed to be shown

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