Dublin Castle

Sunday, April 16, 2017
My first day in Dublin, I tried to explore all of the major sights. My first stop was Dublin Castle. Now, one thing that I will highly recommend is to go early. You can buy tickets online or at the door, definitely do the guided tour, but go early! I was able to get some great pictures because no one else was there.
La mia prima giornata a Dublino ho cercato di fare le cose piu' importante. La mia prima fermata era il castello di Dublino che e' in mezzo alla citta'. Se ci andate, andateci presto! Io sono riuscita a fare tante foto belle perche' non c'era nessuno.

This day was the worst weather of my entire trip. It was cloudy, rainy, and windy. Nevertheless, I had an amazing time.
Questa giornata era la peggiore con il tempo. C'era nuvolo, e' piovuto, e c'era molto vento. Comunque, mi sono divertita tanto!

The castle gardens

James Connolly Room

Thank you self-timer on my camera

All the chandeliers are Waterford Crystal
Tutte i lampadari sono Waterford

Dining Room

Throne Room

St. Patrick's Hall
This is where the President of Ireland is inaugurated
Questa e' la stanza dove ancora oggi fanno l'inaugurazione del Presidente

Powder Tower where gunpowder was stored

This was one of the entrances by boat. As you can see it was very narrow. The door at the top of the stairs opened outwards. This prevented the castle from being invaded as only one person at a time could walk up the stairs.
Questa era una delle entrate da mare. Vedete che e' molto stretto. La porta poi si apriva in avanti, allora se c'erano persone che volevano entrare, cadevano giu'. 

One of the old walls of the city

Viceroy Chapel

All of Dublin's viceroy's are honored in this chapel. They have their family name, family crest, and the year they served as viceroy. Many of the streets in Dublin are named after them.
Tutti i vicere' di Dublino sono listati qua. Hanno il loro nome, la stemma della loro famiglia e l'anno in cui erano vicere'. Tante strade a Dublino hanno il nome di un vicere'.

In James Connolly's room. This was the statement that said that Ireland was declaring its independence from Britain. 
Questo e' il documento che dice che l'Irlanda voleva l'indipendenza da l'inghilterra. 

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