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Sunday, April 16, 2017
After my excursion at Dublin Castle, I ventured over to the Guinness Storehouse. Now, fun story. I don't actually like Guinness. I convinced myself that I liked it and even ordered it at Temple Bar and then drank some here. Still don't like Guinness.
Dopo il castello, sono andata a vedere la Guinness. Allora, a me non piace la Guinness. Mi ero convinta che mi piaceve e l'avevo anche ordinata al Temple Bar, pero' non mi piace.

Guinness is obviously very popular in Dublin. It does taste differently here than it does in the United States. It actually tastes a little sweeter and lighter here, which I prefer. However, still not a beer I will order. But, I had to come visit it because while in Dublin... This is a place that I would recommend getting a ticket before coming. My ticket was for 1pm, but I showed up at 12:30pm and they let me in. There is a tour that you can take, but for the most part it is a self-guided visit.
La Guinness va molto a Dublino. Il sapore e diverso qua che non negli Stati Uniti. A Dublino e' piu dolce e piu' leggera, che mi piace. Pero', non e' una birra di cui ordinerei. Ma, visto che ero a Dublino, dovevo venire. Questo e' un posto dove raccomando prendere il biglietto su internet prima.

Learned how to properly taste Guinness.

One of the only pictures of Arthur Guinness.
He signed a 9,000 year lease on the facility/land so Guinness will be around for a while.
Una delle poche foto di Arthur Guinness. Lui ha firmato un contratto di 9,000 anni allora la Guinness sara' li per tanti anni.

This is the universal symbol of Guinness. Guinness put a trademark on the harp in 1862. One of the national symbols of Ireland is also the harp. However, since Guinness had this one trademarked, the Irish symbol had to flip it (use the mirror image). 
Questo e' il simbolo associato con la birra Guinness. Uno dei simboli de l'Irlanda e l'arpa. Pero', visto che Guinness aveva gia' il loro logo, l'Irlanda ha dovuto girare l'arpa. Allora la Guinness ha l'arpa con la parte dritta a sinistra, e l'Irlanda c'e' l'ha a destra.

Old Marketing Campaigns

Whistling Oyster

Time to pour my own pint!

Learned how to pour a perfect pint!

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