Sunday, April 16, 2017
This was my last full day in Dublin. I met another teacher on my trip to the Cliffs of Moher and we decided to explore together on Saturday. I started by going to see the Book of Kells at Trinity College. Basically, it's a Bible that has been annotated, in a sense, with drawings at the beginnings of each book. I didn't think it was worth the entrance fee, but something that is listed as a must-do when you go to Dublin.
Questa era la mia ultima giornata a Dublino. Avevo conosciuto un'altra maestra allora abbiamo deciso di andare in giro insieme sabato. Io sono andata a vedere il Book of Kells a Trinity College. E' una bibbia con dei disegni. Io non penso che meritava il prezzo del biglietto, pero' tutte le guide l'hanno marcato.

You can't take pictures of the Book, but you can take pictures in the library which was stunning.
Non si possono fare le foto del libro, pero' si possono fare le foto nella libreria.

After seeing the Book of Kells, we headed to Howth (whoo-th). Another darling little town. It was packed because it was the first weekend in forever that was sunny so everyone was out and about.
Dopo aver visto il libro, siamo andate a Howth. Un'altra citta' stupenda. C'era tanta gente perche' era il primo weekend con il sole allora tutti erano fuori.

We started off at Howth Market. Oh man. The smells, the bread, the sights, the bread! Everything looked and smelled delicious.
Abbiamo cominciato al mercato. Tutto quello che c'era sembrava buono - una cosa piu' buona dell'altra.

And then we just wandered around the town...
E poi siamo andate in giro...

All over Ireland I saw these yellow plants. I had asked the tour guides yesterday what they were. They are a common plant to Ireland. But, if you rub your fingers on the flowers, they smell like coconut. It's true!
Questi sono dei fiori che sono ovunque in Irlanda. Se tocchi i fiori, sono profumati di coco.

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