Monday, November 20, 2017
Eataly opened a new location in Los Angeles at the beginning of November. Knowing that we had Saturday free, I ventured to Century City with Brian, Rich, Craig, and Christina to check it out.
Eataly ha aperto in una mall che c'e' a Los Angeles a l'inizio di Novembre. Visto che avevamo tutto il giorno sabato, ci sono andata con dei amici che erano a Los Angeles per il matrimonio.

It takes up an entire section of the mall

There was NO line when we got there! 
When we left, however, there was a long line.

Thank you Rich and Brian for taking this picture on your iPhoneX.


Eataly has so many things! But, so many things are SO much cheaper in other places. It's definitely worth the visit to explore and they do have some very fun and delicious things.
Eataly ha tante cose. Pero', tante delle loro cose si trovano in altri posti a molto meno. Pero', merita perche' e' davvero una esperienza!

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