It's A Small World!

Monday, April 2, 2018
To begin my Spring Break, Simone, Valentina, Christina, and I headed up to spend two days at Disneyland. Valentina had never been and it has been at least 10 years since Simone has gone. We ended up doing the FastPass which was the best $10/day we ever spent. Seriously. It allows you to get all your FastPasses on your phone for everyone that is with you. Such a great deal. The longest line we waited in was 40 minutes. All the other lines were so quick because we had FastPass.
Per cominciare le mie feste di primavera, sono andata a Disneyland con Simone, Valentina, e la mia amica Christina. Valentina non c'era mai stata e saranno stati almeno 10 anni da quando Simone c'era l'ultima volta. Abbiamo fatto il FastPass che era una decisione ottima. Con il FastPass, ti lascia prendere tutti i FastPass con il telefono (invece che andare a tutte le giostre a prenderlo). Era molto comodo! La fila piu' lunga che abbiamo fatto era 40 minuti.

📷credits go mostly to Christina and Valentina - GRAZIE!

Also, with FastPass (and my annual pass), we could see all our pics on the Disneyland app


Snapchat filter fun in line

Shenanigans while waiting

It's A Small World!

Noel joined us for a tasty paella dinner in Downtown Disney

Let it be known that I crushed everyone in both Buzz's Astro Blasters and Toy Story Mania

Christmas card pic mom? 

I think Christina was the only one who had done the Guardians ride (Tower of Terror). We were all freaking out internally. 
After the first time, we rode it three more times because we all loved it so much!
La Christina era l'unica che aveva mai fatto la Tower of Terror (in questa giostra, si va su e giu' molto veloce). Eravamo tutti abbastanza nervosi per questa. Pero', dopo la prima volta, l'abbiamo fatta altre tre volte perche' ci siamo divertiti cosi' tanto!

Crawling out of the (children's) tunnel

Back row left

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