Natale 2019 :: Milano e Firenze

Friday, March 20, 2020
Andy and I did two day trips while in Italy. We went to Milan and then to Florence. In Milan, we met up with my friend Valentina who lives there and showed us around.
Io e Andy abbiamo fatto due giri in giornata: un giorno a Milano e un giorno a Firenze. A Milano, ci siamo incontrati con la Valentina che ci ha portato in giro.

First stop, Duomo.

Then, the Galleria, to spin in the bull.

Spot the tourist!

Mercato dei Navigli

The day after Milan, we went to Florence. I had studied abroad in Florence so was excited to show Andy around. The city has changed so much since I was living there in 2008!
Il giorno dopo Milano, siamo andati a Firenze. Ho c'avevo abitato nel 2008 per un paio di mesi. La citta' e' cambiata molto!

We were able to get inside the Uffizi to see the art displayed and views. We lucked out with the weather!
Siamo riusciti ad entrare nei Uffizi per vedere le mostre. Abbiamo scelto la giornata giusta perche' c'era un sole stupendo!

From there, we walked up to Piazzale Michelangelo to take in the view.
Piazzale Michelangelo

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